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(RED) Talks—Ending HIV Among Adolescent Girls and Young Women

July 27, 2022
(RED) Talks

We’re back with another episode of (RED) Talks, our digital series of frank conversations exploring the current state of the fight against HIV/AIDS, its impact on marginalized communities, and present opportunities to shine a spotlight on the need for investment.

In the third episode of (RED) Talks, (RED) President and COO Jennifer Lotito chats with Janet Saul, Director of Gender Programming, Office of the US Global AIDS Coordinator, Cathy Ferrier, Head of Positive Action at ViiV Healthcare, Sibulele Sibaca, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of Impact Drivers SA, & Siobhan Crowley, Head of HIV, The Global Fund

This series is generously supported by ViiV Healthcare

  • Key questions addressed in this episode:
  • -According to Janet Saul, where are we in the AIDS crisis today and how and why is the impact on women and girls so severe? 
  • -What are the Positive Action community grants that ViiV Healthcare Supports? 
  • -Beyond the Her Voice Program, what are some of the other ways that The Global Fund is helping strengthen global health for women and girls? 
  • -Why is the empowerment of young girls so important to Sibulele Sibaca? 
  • -What is the work that Sibulele Sibaca is doing through impact drivers and is there anything that the viewers can do to support it? 
  • -What is Dreams Program and how has it countering the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic? 
  • -What is the role that Cathy Ferrier believes the private sector should play in improving the lives of women and girls and building stronger health systems? 
  • -What makes the seventh replenishment by The Global Fund so important? 
  • -What is one trend or innovation in global health that gives hope that women and girls will have a better future?