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(RED) Talks—From Harm to Hope: Harm Reduction in the Fight Against HIV

May 5, 2023

We’re back with another episode of (RED) Talks, our digital series of frank conversations exploring the current state of the fight against HIV/AIDS, its impact on marginalized communities, and present opportunities to shine a spotlight on the need for investment.

(RED), the organization co-founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver to fight AIDS and the injustices that enable pandemics to thrive, is proud to announce the second season of (RED) Talks, sponsored by ViiV Healthcare. This multi-part, digital series of frank conversations will examine the current state of the AIDS fight, its impact on marginalized communities – including women and girls – and present opportunities to shine a spotlight on the need for investments in the AIDS fight.

To mark Harm Reduction Day (May 7th), (RED) President and COO Jennifer Lotito will sit down with Jenny Cozins, Director, Strategic Partnerships – Positive Action, ViiV Healthcare to discuss harm reduction in the AIDS fight, and efforts to reduce the risks associated with drug use that increase HIV infection rates. In 2019, roughly 10% of all new HIV infections were among people who inject drugs. If we want to end the threat of AIDS, we must stop the discrimination, stigma and spread by supporting life-saving interventions and programs that target those who are most vulnerable.

  • Key questions addressed in this episode:
  • -What is the significance of Harm Reduction Day and what does the data tell us about the nexus between the people who inject drugs and the fight against HIV? 
  • -How did the issue of HIV become a priority for ViiV Healthcare?
  • -How is ViiV Healthcare working to address the problems of the gender gap in harm reduction? 
  • -How have the programs from ViiV Healthcare changed the lives of humans? In particular, the story of Marvin in Wakiso, Uganda? 
  • -What are some of the similarities and differences in the harm reduction efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia? 
  • -How does one reduce both societal stigma towards people living with HIV, and self-stigma to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable accessing vital healthcare services? 
  • -What is something that can be discussed that can share a positive note and hope for the fight in where we’re going in the future?