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(RED) Talks—The Honey Pot Company’s Beatrice Dixon on Fighting Global Health Inequalities

December 19, 2022
(RED) Talks

We’re back with another episode of (RED) Talks, our digital series of frank conversations exploring the current state of the fight against HIV/AIDS, its impact on marginalized communities, and present opportunities to shine a spotlight on the need for investment.

Beatrice Dixon, CEO & Co-founder of The Honey Pot Company, joined Jennifer Lotito, President & COO of (RED), for a powerful conversation about global health inequalities and how The Honey Pot Company and (RED) are fighting to ensure everyone, everywhere has access to critical resources.

  • Key questions addressed in this episode:
  • – What is the Honey Pot Company?
  • – What has the experience of being a woman entrepreneur been like for The Honey Pot Company CEO and Co-founder, Beatrice Dixon? 
  • – How do health injustices resonate with Beatrice Dixon and how has this related to The Honey Pot Company? 
  • – What made Beatrice Dixon partner with (RED)?
  • – Where can you purchase The Honey Pot Company products?