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(RED) Talks—Empowered Partners: Roche

October 17, 2023
(RED) Talks

We’re back with another episode of (RED) Talks, our digital series of frank conversations exploring the current state of the fight against HIV/AIDS, its impact on marginalized communities, and present opportunities to shine a spotlight on the need for investment.

In this episode of (RED) Talks, Jennifer Lotito, (RED) President and COO, sits down with Bernard Colombo, President of Roche Diagnostics for the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America Region, to discuss Roche’s efforts to raise awareness around the importance of testing and diagnostics in fighting pandemics. They’ll also chat about the power of partnership in ending HIV/AIDS.

This episode is generously sponsored by Roche Diagnostics.

  • Key questions addressed in this episode:
  • -When was the first time Bernard Colombo heard about AIDS and what made him get into the medicine and life sciences industry? 
  • -What was Bernard Colombo’s career trajectory, and how did he eventually end up at Roche? 
  • -How has testing and diagnostics changed over the years and where are there gaps today? 
  • -What is the importance of testing in the HIV fight? 
  • -How has access to testing impacted Bernard Colombo’s life and how has it shaped his outlook going forward? 
  • -What does the word partnership mean to Bernard Colombo and how is Roche advancing that value? 
  • How do private-public partnerships work and why are they so important to the AIDS fight? 
  • -What is giving Bernard Colombo optimism that a future without HIV and AIDS is possible?