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Join Us For the (RED) Creator Cup

August 4, 2022

Attention all Minecraft lovers! Join us TODAY for the (RED) Creator Cup—our second major livestream gaming event to fight pandemics.

What is the (RED) Creator Cup?

The (RED) Creator Cup brings together the world’s top Minecraft creators to help fight the AIDS and COVID-19 pandemics. The virtual event will raise needed awareness and money to ensure testing, treatment, and vaccines are available to the most vulnerable. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will match all money raised from the tournament, more than doubling the impact.

Creators including Bajan Canadian, AntVenom, Joe Bartolozzi, Loony, Papaplatte, Legundo, the ItsFunneh Krew, and SpideyArmy from the Misfits Gaming Group will team-up to play a special (RED) Minecraft world and giving fans opportunities to trigger real-time in-game events simply by donating. 

Fans can also access (RED)’s Tiltify fundraising tools to host their own fundraising streams, whenever they like, wherever they are to support and stream (RED)’s mission.

Last December, (RED) hosted its first-ever Creator Cup, which brought together creators, influencers and fans across the web to raise over $120,000 in urgent funds for COVID-19 relief.

Where Can I Tune In?

Join us on Twitch and YouTube, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok on August 4th, 2:00pm ET!

Who’s Involved?

How Can You Take Action?

Stream the (RED) Creator Cup and donate via Titify to the fight against pandemics like AIDS and COVID. Also help spread the word to your friends!