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Your Ultimate SUMMER REDISCOVE(RED) Playlist

July 9, 2021

No matter what your summer plans look like, there’s one thing we know you’ll need: good music. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with the perfect playlist featuring artists from our SUMMER REDISCOVE(RED) digital festival.

This week and into the beginning of next week, we’re jamming out to livestream performances from 4 INC(RED)IBLY talented artists—all to raise money for the fight against pandemics.

On Wednesday, pop singer/songwriter Jack Newsome performed songs off of his new E.P., “All Dressed Up,” and on Thursday, DJ Kooze played a bunch of full mashups live for the first time. We’re pumped to hear from hip-hop and pop singer/songwriter Ouse next Tuesday, followed by country singer/songwriter Ray Fulcher on Wednesday.

We’ve put together the ultimate playlist featuring tracks from all 4 artists so you can keep the party going even after the festival is over! Check out all the songs you already love, or find some new favorites!

Jack Newsome Top Songs

  • Lying (Next to You)
  • Affection
  • The Year the World Stood Still
  • I Remember

Ouse Top Songs

  • Dead Eyes
  • Lovemark
  • What this Means
  • Too Many Problems

Ray Fulcher Top Songs

  • Anything Like You Dance
  • Ruled the World
  • Love Ya Son, Go Dawgs
  • Girl in It

Kooze Top Songs

  • うるさい
  • Lime Green
  • Get Get Gone
  • Leaving Behind