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Stay Safe and Look Stylish with (UBUNTU LIFE)RED Face Masks

November 12, 2020
Fashion & Beauty

2018 was all about fanny packs and statement earrings, 2019 was the year of headbands and dad sneakers—but the hottest fashion accessory of 2020? Face masks.

If you’re looking to step up your face mask fashion, look no farther. (RED) and Ubuntu Life have teamed up with a collection of artists to launch a unique line of masks. Yes, they can help keep you safe, and yes, the gorgeous designs are pretty much guaranteed to earn you a compliment or two, but these face masks do so much more!

These masks empower Ubuntu Life’s Makers in Kenya AND fight pandemics. 20% from every (UBUNTU LIFE)RED Face Mask purchased goes to support the Global Fund’s COVID-19 response and critical HIV/AIDS programs in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Check out the designs below and you’ll get what we mean when we say that safety has never looked so stylish!

(UBUNTU LIFE)RED Face Mask designed by WiseTwo

About WiseTwo:

WiseTwo is a Nairobi based street artist painting murals and canvases for multiple years now. His work has taken him all over the world, creating bridges and dialogues through his majestic art of masks and spiritual like hieroglyphic patterns. He is also the pioneer of street art/graffiti in East and Central Africa.

(UBUNTU LIFE)RED Face Mask designed by Baro Sarre

Baro Sarre is a Senegalese illustrator born in 1986. He produces an enigmatic and emotional art navigating between Africa, hip-hop, and Egyptian art and sculpture. 

(UBUNTU LIFE)RED Face Mask designed by Monica Obaga

About Monica Obaga:

Monica Obaga is an illustrator whose individual style was honed while growing up in Nairobi and living in Los Angeles. The result is a 2D, minimal, geometric and colorful approach. She focuses primarily on producing work for social good or pro-African media representation. Her clients include Instagram, IDEO, and Penguin Randomhouse. Monica’s work has been published by Taschen and Migrate (Loeries Awards Magazine).