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6 (RED)-Approved Podcasts To Educate And Inspire

September 26, 2023
Art & Entertainment

We all have moments in our day when we’re occupied physically, but free to listen. Don’t get us wrong, we fully support your right to put on Taylor’s album for the millionth time, but maybe there are other things that could be worth listening to…? Whether you’re going for a drive, doing chores, or hopping on a train for your morning commute, podcasts are a great way to make the most of your time! In honor of International Podcast Day, we polled some members of the (RED) team to bring you some top-notch recs:

1. Curiosity Daily

If you’re like us and have an insatiable appetite for factoids, you’ll love this podcast that has short episodes about everyday curiosities. In fact, it’s called Curiosity Daily! Get to know the world around you in just a few minutes a day.

2. You’re Wrong About

We like this podcast because it challenges common misconceptions and helps educate listeners about misrepresented events, people, and cultural phenomena from the past.

3. Making Gay History

Hear personal, heartfelt, meaningful stories and interviews about gay history. This podcast covers queer stories throughout time, but the most recent season is about coming of age in the 1970s and features firsthand tales of escapes to Fire Island and wrenching accounts of the AIDS crisis in the United States.

4. The Art of Being Well

How much exercise is enough… or too much? Wondering if you have to take supplements or probiotics? How is your home setup affecting your mental health? Have all of your health questions answered in The Art of Being Well by Dr. Will Cole.

5. We Can Do Hard Things

The title of this show is also a personal mantra: We Can Do Hard Things. Get motivated and inspired, and shed a bit of positivity on your day with this upbeat podcast.

6. Second Life

Do you ever think about how your life would be different if you went back to school or underwent a major career change? Turn those “What If” questions into answers in the Second Life Podcast, which features Interviews with successful people who have made significant career changes.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to reinvent yourself!

Have a podcast that we should know about? Drop us a DM on our socials!