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15 Years of (RED)

January 26, 2021

Fifteen years ago today, (RED) was announced.

Named after the color of emergency, (RED) created a new way for companies and their customers to save lives; to transform everyday actions into opportunities that finance the critical work of the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

(RED) put power in people’s hands; the power to choose (RED) and make companies ‘give’. It was the punk move that put purpose into each and every purchase. 

The hundreds of (RED) partners, their employees, and the millions of shoppers are the heroes of the story. Heroes that have helped generate more than $650 million for the Global Fund. It’s money that has, to date, impacted the lives of more than 180 million people.

The impact has only been made possible by a cast of many. Fifteen years of thanks to…

The countless bold and brilliant companies that stepped up to save lives;

the brightest brains who brought their best ideas to bear;

the iconic products, each packed with purpose; 

the events that brought people together;

the collaborators who gifted their time and talent

the artists and entrepreneurs, musicians, designers, dancers, actors, athletes, chefs and so many others;

the fans who follow, who share and care;

and the activists who have told their stories and continue to energize the fight… 

Today, as the world faces another crippling pandemic, COVID-19, (RED) is more committed than ever to fighting pandemics. Because the jeopardy has never been higher. 

We can’t win the fight against one disease without combatting the other. 

(RED) was made for this moment. 

To turn companies into the cavalry.

To fund the most important fights of our times.

To save lives in places where people are hardest hit. 

Join us.

Jennifer Lotito

(RED) President and COO