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(PANASONIC)RED ARC6 Men’s Electric Shaver

The ES-LS9A Arc6 men's razor delivers an ultra-premium shave with six blades—two finish blades, two lift blades, and two new thick stubble blades coated with titanium—forged from the same highest-grade stainless steel used for Japanese sword making, informed by centuries of Japanese craftsmanship. A unique ultra-fast linear motor delivers 84,000 cross-cutting actions per minute to trim even the thickest beards with ease, and a unique shaver head moves in 22 independent directions, staying close to skin. An advanced beard sensor responsively boosts and reduces power for an unbelievably close shave without irritation. Its refined texture, beautiful matte black color, and sculptured, ergonomic shape make the ES-LS9A feel substantial yet lightweight; every inner blade is inspected and marked with the date of production and lot number before shipping. Premium Cleaning and Charging Station included.

Through its partnership with (RED), Panasonic has made a commitment of over $700,000 to the Global Fund. This commitment will help strengthen healthcare systems and fund life-saving programs that support equitable access to testing and treatment in communities most in need.