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(RED) Talks—Testing Saves Lives

December 22, 2023
(RED) Talks

We’re back with another episode of (RED) Talks, our digital series of frank conversations exploring the current state of the fight against HIV/AIDS, its impact on marginalized communities, and present opportunities to shine a spotlight on the need for investment.

In our final (RED) Talks episode of the year, Jennifer Lotito, (RED) President and COO, chats with Dr. Allan Pamba, Executive Vice President, Roche Diagnostics, and Javier Muñoz, actor and (RED)UCATOR, to discuss the importance of testing and lab system strengthening in the fight against HIV and its life-saving impact.

This episode is generously sponsored by Roche Diagnostics.

  • Key questions addressed in this episode:
  • – What made Allan Pamba get into medicine and the life science field? 
  • – What does Allan Pamba’s career journey look like, and how did he end up at Roche? 
  • – What does Javier Muñoz’s journey look like regarding (RED)’s work and what was his first experience with testing? 
  • – Why is it important to continue testing when you are HIV positive? 
  • – How has testing for HIV/AIDS been transformed? 
  • – Why is it important that we keep working on reducing the stigma around HIV?
  • – Why is it important to ensure we have strong labs that enable people to access quality testing and also build stronger, more resilient healthcare systems? 
  • – What is one thing in the fight against HIV/AIDS that is giving our panelists optimism that a future without AIDS is achievable?