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Thank You, Merck, For Supporting the AIDS Fight Since 1985!

June 5, 2023

June 5th, 1981 marked the first official report of what would later be known as AIDS. At the time there was a severe lack of information and widespread uncertainty. Merck (known as MSD outside the U.S. and Canada) sprang into action quickly with the launch of their HIV research program in the mid-1980s and has continued to play a key role in the fight to end HIV/AIDS. Merck scientists were among the first to discover and develop medicines for the treatment of HIV. Since then, Merck has continued to expand access to medicines, strengthen health systems, and address global health challenges. 

Merck has generously supported (RED) over the past several years during key campaign moments like SHOP (RED) SAVE LIVES, PAINT (RED) SAVE LIVES, and more. We’re so grateful to Merck for continuing to support (RED) year-round, especially during big cultural moments like Pride.

The Merck and (RED) partnership is unique: Merck contributes funding to (RED) that goes directly to support programs on the ground through the Global Fund—but that’s not all! Merck also provides critical catalytic funding to (RED), allowing us to engage even more people in the fight to end AIDS and raise even more money for the Global Fund.

Thank you, Merck, for supporting (RED) and for helping to bring us closer to a world where HIV/AIDS can be a manageable illness!