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Drive (RED) With Jeep®, Ram, and Fiat

September 22, 2022

Over the last 15 years, (RED) partnerships have empowered supporters to EAT (RED), DANCE (RED), SHOP (RED), PAINT (RED), FLY (RED), RIDE (RED), and more to support the fight against pandemics. Now, for the first time ever, get ready to DRIVE (RED).

With COVID threatening years’ worth of progress in the fight against AIDS, there has never been a more important time for companies to step up to join the fight against these global health emergencies. We’re absolutely thrilled to announce (RED)’s first multi-brand automotive partnership with Jeep®, Ram, and FIAT!

These three iconic brands will deliver a minimum of $4 million to support the critical work of the Global Fund over the next three years through the launch of special edition (RED) vehicles.

We couldn’t be prouder to launch this ground-breaking multi-year partnership. The global scale and creative energy this partnership will bring to the fight against COVID and AIDS is exactly what’s needed to help us end the devastating impact on millions of people. On top of providing millions of dollars to the Global Fund to support communities most in need, this partnership will help bring critical awareness to the global health crisis caused by COVID.

Check out the full lineup of special edition (RED) vehicles:

The 2022 Ram 1500 Limited (RAM)RED—based on the Ram 1500 Limited Night—will launch at the end of 2021.
The Fiat New (500)RED electric model is available for ordering now in Europe.
The 2022 (Jeep®)RED Compass special edition will launch in the US in early 2022, followed by the launch of the Jeep® Renegade (Jeep®)RED Renegade shortly after in the US and Canada and later in 2022 in Europe.

What’s different about these vehicles? First, and most importantly, they all fight pandemics! But in terms of features, the FIAT 500, the Jeep® Compass and the Ram 1500 (RED) editions will each have their own unique (RED) brand design cues, both exterior and interior.

In addition to launching these special edition (RED) vehicles, Jeep®, Ram, and FIAT will provide tons of other ways for fans to support the fight against pandemics through co-branded merchandise, events and more.

Thank you, Jeep®, Ram, and FIAT for showing private sector leadership in the fight against pandemics! Now, buckle up, and let’s DRIVE (RED)!

– Jennifer Lotito