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Meet the Apple Watch Series 7 (PRODUCT)RED

September 14, 2021

Today, Apple revealed the Apple Watch Series 7 (PRODUCT)RED. The revolutionary new watch features a larger and more advanced display, enhanced durability, indispensable health and wellness tools, and faster charging—but our favorite part? When you choose the (PRODUCT)RED model, you help fight pandemics like AIDS and COVID.

As with all (PRODUCT) RED Apple devices and accessories—including the new iPhone 13 (PRODUCT) RED and iPhone 13 mini (PRODUCT) RED announced today—every Apple Watch Series 7 (PRODUCT) RED purchase contributes directly to the Global Fund COVID-19 response. This funding helps provide critical support to already-weakened health systems and, in turn, helps preserve life-saving HIV/AIDS programs.

Make an even bigger impact by pairing your new Apple Watch Series 7 (PRODUCT) RED with an exclusive matching (PRODUCT)RED band. Choose from the Sport Band (PRODUCT) RED, Sport Loop (PRODUCT) RED, or Braided Solo Loop (PRODUCT) RED.

As a (RED) partner for over 14 years, Apple has generated nearly $250 million for the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs. Since April 2020, Apple has redirected 100% of proceeds from (PRODUCT) RED purchases to the Global Fund COVID-19 Response. Thank you, Apple, for your continued support in the fight against pandemics like AIDS and COVID.

The Apple Watch Series 7 (PRODUCT) RED will be available later this fall, but be sure to check out the full (PRODUCT) RED Apple collection in the meantime.

Every Apple Watch Series 7 (PRODUCT)RED purchase now contributes directly to the Global Fund to combat pandemics like COVID-19 and AIDS.