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What Should You Get Engraved on a (CUSTOMCUFF)RED Gift This Valentine’s Day?

January 10, 2023
Fashion & Beauty

Though it may feel like you just finished holiday gift shopping, Valentine’s Day is already right around the corner. This year, rather than waiting until the last minute and buying whatever stuffed animal is left on the drug store shelf, get your loved ones a Valentine’s Day gift that actually means something with the (CUSTOMCUFF)RED jewelry collection.

The (CUSTOMCUFF)RED collection allows you to memorialize a special place or favorite moment with cuffs and necklaces engraved with coordinates from a location of your choosing. Plus, when you give the gift of a memory with the (CUSTOMCUFF)RED collection, your gift gives back.

3% of the purchase price from every (CUSTOMCUFF)RED product will go to the Global Fund, with a minimum donation of $100,000. This donation will strengthen healthcare systems and support equitable access to HIV testing and treatment in sub-Saharan Africa.

Not sure which coordinates to have engraved on your cuff or necklace? We’ve created a guide to help inspire you.

1. A Milestone in Your Relationship 

Think back on big moments in your relationship and where they took place—perhaps the coordinates of where you met, had your first date, got engaged, or got married! Or can get even more creative and memorialize the moment when you first exchanged ‘I Love You’s or the first place you vacationed together.

2. Home is Where The Heart Is

Help your loved ones carry a piece of home wherever they go with coordinates of their childhood home, a grandparents’ home they visited growing up, a favorite childhood park, or their first school. 

3. A Home Away From Home

Pay tribute to an unofficial “home” where you and your loved one have built endless memories—maybe it’s the coordinates of your friend group’s go-to restaurant or bar in college, the spot your family would gather for trivia night every week, or the beach you visit together every summer

4. For The Proud Parents

Whether they have a newborn at home or are already empty nesters, any parent will cherish jewelry that reminds them of their children. Consider using the coordinates for the hospital where the gift recipient’s children were born, the home where they raised their kids, a favorite family vacation spot, or the location their grown child currently lives. 

5. Honor Their Time in The Military

If your loved one was part of the military, get them a gift that commemorates their service with the coordinates of their first training base or a location where they were stationed long-term.

6. Celebrate Your Successes

The best person to give love to this (and every) Valentine’s Day is yourself! Take the opportunity to treat yourself and show off your successes with the coordinates of the college where you earned your degree, the first home you bought, or the place you started your career.

Need help finding the coordinates of your special spot? Search any place in the world on google maps and then right-click/control-click on the location on the map.