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Watch Connie’s Story This Mother’s Day

May 6, 2016

Last September, (RED) collaborated with The Moth for a series of storytelling workshops which brought together seven women affected by HIV to tell their stories. This Mother’s Day, we’re revisiting Connie’s story, one of the most powerful to come out of the workshops in Lusaka, Zambia.

If you’re a (RED) supporter, you’ve probably seen and heard Connie’s story many times. Connie lost three children to AIDS before treatment became available in her home country of Zambia. After going on treatment, she gave birth to beautiful baby named Lubona, who is HIV-free.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, The Moth is sharing stories of motherhood on its weekly radio show – The Moth Radio Hour – on NPR. If you can’t wait to hear Connie’s story of receiving Lubona’s test results, you can check out the full story here