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8 Badass Moms That Inspire Us

May 9, 2019

Sunday is Mother’s Day and we’ve got moms on the mind. We’re rounding up eight INC(RED)IBLE moms that inspire us from (RED) staff members to Hollywood stars and even some of our favorite activists in sub-Saharan Africa.

Jennifer Lotito

COO, AIDS Activist, New Yorker, Mom

Meet Jen Lotito, (RED)’s Chief Operating Officer. Over her 11 years at (RED), she has led countless partnerships and activations driving millions of dollars to The Global Fund to fight AIDS. Beyond her official duties as COO, Jen is a fearless leader who always inspires the (RED) team and so many others with her brilliant strategic vision and passion for her family. When she’s not wearing her Beats by Dre (RED) headphones and typing away at her desk, you can probably find Jen chatting in the kitchen about what’s for lunch.

Kristen Bell

Actress, Entrepreneur, AIDS Activist, Mom

Kristen Bell is a long-time (RED) supporter who has supported the AIDS fight in so many ways over the years. You may have seen her in Jimmy Kimmel Live’s (RED) Special, or maybe you follow her on Instagram for her brilliant and honest commentary on #momlife.

Zoe Saldana

Actress, Activist, (RED) Ambassador, Dancer, Mom

Whether she’s starring as a Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy or hosting the SHOPATHON on Jimmy Kimmel Live’s (RED) special, Zoe Saldana has one role that will always be top priority: mom. “Of all the things that I have going on right now, my children are my most important priority,” the actress told PEOPLE.

Anne Finucane

Bank of America Vice Chairman, (RED) Supporter, Activist, Mom

As Vice Chairman of Bank of America, Anne Finucane has been instrumental in leading Bank of America’s $20 million commitment to the AIDS fight over the past seven years. She was named on both Forbes and Fortune Magazine’s list of most powerful women— making her one of the most powerful and inspiring leaders in the world today. Outside of her professional career, Anne is also a mom to four children.

Connie Mudenda

AIDS Activist, Zambian, HIV+, Mom

Connie is a longtime (RED) Ambassador with a powerful, incredible story. Connie lost three children to AIDS before treatment was available in her home country of Zambia. Then she gained access to life-saving treatment and years later gave birth to her daughter Lubona, who is HIV free.

Dana Pollack

(RED) Chef Ambassador, CEO, Pastry Magician, Mom

At the age of 30, Dana quit her job and enrolled in culinary school — a path that ultimately led her to founding Dana’s Bakery, known for their wildly popular (and highly Instagrammable) sweet treats. She’s no stranger to wearing many hats: entrepreneur, mom, pastry magician and proud (RED) partner to name a few. There’s nothing this badass woman can’t do — or bake.

Mary Tetteh

Activist, Ghanaian, HIV+, Mom

(RED) first met Mary in Ghana at TEMA General Hospital, a program supported by (RED) and The Global Fund. Mary was pregnant when she found out she was HIV+ but thanks to counseling provided by TEMA, she was educated on the steps she needed to take to ensure her baby was born HIV free. Thanks to (RED)-supported programs, her daughter Emma was born HIV free and is alive and healthy today.

Deborah Agbemanfo

Activist, Ghanaian, HIV+, Mom

Deborah is another inspiring mom we first met at TEMA General Hospital in Ghana. When Deborah found out she was HIV+ while at a routine pregnancy check-up, the staff at TEMA not only counseled her through her diagnosis, but also provided care and treatment to ensure her baby was born HIV-free.  Today, she is the proud mom to four children who are all HIV-free thanks to (RED) supported programs. Her oldest son, named Courage, wants to be a doctor when he grows up.