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A Food Delivery That Helps Save Lives? Now You Can for Just $10

December 1, 2021

If you’re wondering how a $10 food delivery can help save lives, look no further than The (RED) Creator Cup on December 1! As part of this very special streamed event, leading creators from around the world will work in teams to play a special (RED) Minecraft world. Fans will have multiple opportunities to trigger in-game events simply by donating. For a $5 donation to fight COVID, fans can spawn a particle heart, while $10 gets an in-game food delivery and the ‘Just Eat Extra Slice’ moments will enable fans to check out the food delivery fun and action from around the tournament, live!

Thanks to Just Eat Takeaway’s generous support of The (RED) Creator Cup, enough will be raised to provide at least 20,000 COVID tests or vaccines where they are needed most! 

There are a number of other in-game features triggered by generous fan donations; a $20 donation spawns a firework, and $50 gets the players a Lucky Block loot drop, while a tamed Pet Wolf will be introduced for a $100 donation. A Creeper from the sky will be spawned on each player in the team for a donation of $250!

Check out more fun with Just Eat Takeaway and other great (RED) partners in The (RED) Creator Cup live show, streaming on (RED)’s Twitch account and YouTube, starting 2pm EST on December 1.