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How Primark and (RED) Are Supporting Young People in the Fight Against AIDS

December 7, 2022

Primark and (RED) have once again joined forces in the fight to end AIDS with the launch of the third (PRIMARK)ᴿᴱᴰ collection. When you shop (PRIMARK)ᴿᴱᴰ, 10% of the purchase price of every item goes to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS and the injustices that allow pandemics to thrive.

Funds raised by the (PRIMARK)ᴿᴱᴰ partnership help support a variety of life-saving health programs around the world, including organizations like ZAPHA+ in Zanzibar that focus on empowering young people living with HIV.

Mariam, pictured above, was born with HIV but wasn’t diagnosed until she was 14 years old. It can be hard enough being a teenager, but living with HIV comes with its own challenges, including significant stigma. To deal with her new diagnosis, Mariam started to attend social clubs at ZAPHA+.

Thanks to support from the Global Fund, ZAPHA+ supports children living with HIV by providing a safe, empowering space to connect with each other and learn about how to navigate the world while living with HIV. 

ZAPHA+ became like a home for Mariam. She attended all of the club meetings, and was attentive and engaged, quickly becoming a leader. Excited by the opportunity to care for others living with HIV, Mariam decided to continue her training and become a community health worker.

Today, she works at the same clinic that helped connect her to treatment and ZAPHA+ when she was initially diagnosed. 

When you join Primark and (RED), you help ensure young people living with HIV have access to programs like ZAPHA+ so they too can live full and healthy lives.