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Ed Ruscha Collaborates With (RED) & Gagosian On Limited-Edition Scarf

April 12, 2022
Art & Entertainment

We’ve teamed up with Gagosian to launch a silk twill scarf by revered American artist Ed Ruscha, produced in Italy by Massif Central. 100% of sales will go to (RED), where the net proceeds raised will support the fight for equitable access to COVID relief in the world’s most vulnerable communities. Doubling the impact, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will generously match every dollar raised for the Global Fund.

Produced in a limited edition of 500, each signed and numbered, the scarf is priced at $1,200. It is available for preorder beginning today—and shipping at the beginning of May—exclusively in Gagosian’s online shop and at the gallery’s retail locations on Madison Avenue in New York and at Burlington Arcade in London.

More than three decades ago, Ruscha made the drawing Science Is Truth Found Out (1986), inspired by a phrase he saw inscribed in stone above the entrance to the science block of Los Angeles’s storied Hollywood High School. Taking this aphorism, he redrew the letters against softly silhouetted trees in a field of glowing red. Today, this striking image is available in the form of an elegant silk scarf—to be worn or simply contemplated.

In the current global political climate, where suspicion and demonization of science and medicine has been widespread, Ruscha’s prescient image has gained new resonance and relevance. In the processes of revelation in the often circuitous path toward truth, science and scientific thinking intersect with art—probing and searching intellectually and philosophically while seeking material consequences and outcomes. Like the most elegant of scientific theories, Ruscha’s images and idioms are at once irreducibly straightforward and heroically expansive.

(RED) and Gagosian have worked alongside Sotheby’s with artists and designers since 2008 on a series of high-profile auctions to raise funds and awareness to help end AIDS. Their efforts have delivered $78 million to the fight. #EdRuschaREDition