What is #86AIDS?


This June marks the 37th anniversary of the discovery of the AIDS virus. That’s 13,505 days. It’s time to stop adding up and to start counting down. That’s why we’re highlighting a different number this month: 86.

In restaurant kitchens all over America, the term ‘86’ means it’s over. A chef must strikethrough a dish on the menu because the key ingredient has run out. There’s no more. The number alone isn’t bursting with any magical, numerological power. Just the opposite. It’s void. Wiped-out. Gone. That’s what we’re counting down to: the absence of HIV/AIDS; an AIDS-free generation.

We need to #86AIDS now more than ever. AIDS-related deaths have been cut in half in over a decade and the number of babies born each day with HIV has declined by two-thirds in the same timeframe. But the incredible progress has left governments around the world feeling complacent, and epidemics never rest until completely eliminated. That’s why it crucial for private citizens and everyday consumers to show their support in this global fight, and there’s no better way to do that than with something we can all get behind: food.

This June, where and what you decide to eat and drink can fight AIDS. Restaurants, bars and food trucks are turning (RED). The minds behind some of the world’s greatest culinary destinations are in on it too:

 “86 in the restaurant world means ‘we’re done,’ we don’t have any more of that. And that’s what we want to do with AIDS. We need to 86 AIDS.” – Chef Elizabeth Falkner

“In a professional kitchen if you run out of an ingredient that’s when you call 86. You never want to run out of carrots, we definitely want to run out of AIDS. Let’s fucking end AIDS, let’s 86 it together. Now you know what it means, now do something about it. Let’s 86 AIDS now.” – Chef Ellen Bennett

Most importantly, we need your help. This June you can buy tickets to exclusive events, dine at (RED) restaurants, shop (RED) kitchen products and more. All activations adding to an infinite number of ways that you can help #86AIDS.

Liza Vadnai