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Today is International Podcast Day, so listen up! We know you’re busy. The subway is too bumpy to read on and your eyes are already strained from looking at your laptop all day at work, but the good news is your ears are doing just fine. So pop on your (RED) headphones because the fight for social justice never sleeps, and neither will you once you’re hooked on these seven insanely binge-able social justice podcasts.

1. Pod Save the People

DeRay McKesson first entered the national consciousness in 2014 as a formidable organizer for Black Lives Matter after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. Now, as the host of Crooked Media’s Pod Save the People, he’s emerged as one of the most important voices in social justice today. Premiered in 2017, the hour long show features weekly appearances by Clint Smith, Samuel Sinyangwe and Brittany Packett, and covers stories affecting those in and out of the headlines.

2. From Our Own Correspondent (BBC)

Social justice isn’t just about seeking equality for those around you; it’s about pursuing justice for those out of view and oceans away. In fact, much of the journey for unconditional equality and human rights for all is simply learning about what is happening around the world. From Our Own Correspondent, produced by BBC, showcases issues long out of focus in the headlines that affect millions around the world.

3. Throwing Shade

For Erin Gibson and Brian Safi ‘Throwing Shade’ is an art form and platform. On their podcast of the same name by Earwolf, the two fuse pop culture with women’s rights and LGBTQ issues to concoct a social justice cocktail that goes down smooth (well, that is if you’re not choking from laughter at their debauchery along the way).

4. Displaced by Vox

Social justice begins in the home. That’s where discussions take place, minds are changed and food is shared with neighbors. But what happens when millions of people are forced out of their homes? How do those currently living undisturbed help people who have been uprooted and essentially stranded? Displaced, a weekly podcast by Vox and the International Rescue Committee, tackles this defining social justice issue of our time.

5. Deconstructed with Mehdi Hasan

Columnist Mehdi Hasan is no ordinary commentator. His focus is uniquely global, detailed yet big picture. You might know the who, what, where and when of issues facing the world, but Hasan explains why in ways that most can’t.

6. What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito

At (RED), we understand the important role music can play in making a change. So do Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia. While a relatively new addition to the NPR line up, the hosts’ fresh perspectives, along with their star-studded guests make this music, culture and social justice podcast a must listen.

7. AFROPUNK Solution Sessions

The core hypothesis behind this podcast is that empowerment is in the palm of our hands. This combined effort between AFROPUNK and HowStuffWorks sheds light on experienced guests that have made a stand, and investigates times when those stands were most effective at creating change. If you’re looking to enact change through social justice is important to you, consider subscribing to this podcast step one.

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