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Kidrobot (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition 7” Vinyl Figure

5% of the purchase of every Kidrobot (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition 7” Vinyl Figure will go to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS.


You pay


Days of life-saving pills
could be provided

• Kidrobot's 7-inch ‘Bot wears Keith Haring's iconic line surface patterns in metallic silver all-over print, with a heart dedicated to (RED)'s mission to deliver an AIDS free generation.


• Packaged in a glorious (RED) box with shining metal ink and Africa die-cut, you can display this shining symbol of buy (RED), save lives however you choose.


• Kidrobot, with the Keith Haring Studio, has fused an icon with a legend to combat AIDS in Africa through the wonders of art.


• Available online and in select retailers worldwide.